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At Cleaver Squash Club, Racketball has been played for 2 seasons and the hope is that it will keep a lot of older players involved in the club if they are struggling with the physical demands of squash. Also we hope it will bring in new members and allow them to compete with established squash players on a more level playing field.

As well as being a great game for experienced squash players, Racketball is perfect for people looking to play a fun and competitive sport. A forty-minute Racketball match is also a fantastic cardio-vascular workout, for players of all abilities.

We see a real future in Racketball and encourage you try it as soon as possible. We have rackets and balls which you are able to borrow.
We have internal Racketball leagues as well as 2 Teams playing in the Warwickshire League plus our annual Racketball event at the end of season club championships.

Racketball players
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