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We are pleased to welcome...
E-GYM @ Cleaver Fitness Hub

What is E-GYM?

Personalised Resistance Training for All Target Groups

Individual targets require personalised workouts. Whether its muscle building, general fitness, or body shaping: Updated automatically for each period, our training programs adjust workouts to YOUR personal goals. You will complete scientifically sound and automatically updated routines from the very first session.

Athletic Image.jpg


Muscle Building.jpg

Muscle Building

General Fitness.jpg

General Fitness

Body Toning.jpg

Body Toning

Weight Loss.jpg

Weight Loss


Rehab Fit


Metabolic Fit


Smart Guidance: Just Follow the Curve.


Motivation Game

Strength Measurements

Competitive Gains

Various game elements ensure that you keep motivated throughout your entire workout. This helps make sure that your workout never becomes stagnant and ensures that you always push yourself.

The EGYM training curve shows you the right range of motion and correct speed. Gamification elements, like scoring points on the training curve also enhance motion control and motivate you to perform the exercises correctly.

Regular maximum strength measurements automatically calculate the ideal training weight on each machine and continuously adapt the parameters in line with training achievements – creating stimuli for steady growth and preventing training plateaus.

E-GYM Features

EGYM_Kampagne_2020_08 (1).jpg


For contact-free login to all EGYM devices.


Device Integration

Track your progress on various mobile devices.

EGYM+_StrengthMachine_TrainingProgramOverview_Shooting_EN (2).jpg

HD Touchscreen

Easily see your progress and select your training programme.


Pioneering Software

Allows you to monitor progress both in the gym and when you are away.


Auto Configuration

Each machine adjusts to your body to ensure you train in the correct way.

Our Kit @ Cleaver Fitness Hub

M1 Leg Extension.png

Leg Extension

M17 Shoulder Press.png

Shoulder Press

M2 Abdominal Crunch.png

Ab Crunch

M3 Back Extension.png

Back Extension

M6 Seated Row.png
M4 Leg Curl.png

Leg Curl

Seated Row

M7 Lat Pulldown.png

Lat Pulldown

M5 Chest Press.png

Chest Press

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